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Aikido of Plano is one of five United States Aikido Federation member dojo serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Our instructor is Sidney Shiba sensei, 3rd Dan, with 22 years as an Aikido practitioner. Whether a newcomer or seasoned participant, you are welcome at any scheduled practice. Our members also enjoy complete access to our DFW affiliate dojo in Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth and Mesquite. Based on schedule, convenience or instructor, it is common for DFW Aikido members to practice at more than one dojo.

Aikido emphasizes more than fighting skill. Rather, it seeks to blend with, control and then dissipate the hostile energy of one or more attackers. Focusing on method rather than strength, Aikido is particularly suited to women, children and the elderly. Explore a way of life committed to peace and harmony, personal improvement and self defense.

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